Mumps Alert

Please see attachment for alert on Mumps.

Parent Teacher Information

ARHS Parent teacher: Thursday April 19th 4:30-6:30PM. Friday April 20th 1-3:00PM.
No School for students April 20th.
Report Cards will be distributed the week of April 16-20.


A message from the Superintendent

Good afternoon everyone,

The attached letter is addressed to parents and guardians, providing an overview of highlights from the government’s legislative changes to public education, introduced today as the Education Reform Act. Please distribute to parents and guardians.

I understand that you, along with all teaching staff will receive a separate communication sent directly from EECD.

You have already received an invitation from Chris and I look forward to meeting with you tomorrow.

Thank you,

Email Signature

Gary Adams


ProtectKidsOnline regularly gleans information from to keep parents informed about age-specific online interests of young people and the risks they may encounter while engaging in those activities – for example, while playing on gaming apps – and providing parents with proactive strategies for making their child’s online experiences safer.  

How you can Help

Law enforcement plays an essential role in promoting online safety, which is why we encourage you to help us reach as many parents as possible with this important new website.

Including information on your website

I’m not sure if this is a possibility given that your police department doesn’t have a stand-alone website, but if you have an avenue to share the information online, we have videos, images and fast facts in both French and English which you can download from our website ( to include on websites.

Help us Spread the Word on Social Media

Below you will find a few suggested social media posts that you’re welcome to help promote this resource to families

  • Check out the new campaign from @CdnChildProtect! is a great tool for #parents to keep kids of all ages safe online!
  • From new apps your kids love to online trends you need to watch, @CdnChildProtect has #parents covered w/ their site!
  • It can be tough for #parents to create safer experiences online for children - can help-a new site fr @CdnChildProtect!

Course Selection 2020-21

Included, you will find:

A Course Selection Handbook 2021-22



File Attachments: 

New Nova Scotia Attendance Policy

Please see attached a copy of the ARHS Attendance and Late Policy.

Please see the link below for the new Student Attendance and Engagement Policy for Nova Scotia schools.

This will be implemented starting October 1st. Students will receive information on Mon. October 1st however, please feel free to read and share with your child at home.




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