ARHS Student Handbook

Amherst Regional High School Handbook 2023-24 

Mr. A. Stubbert 


Ms. P. Dewar & Mrs. H. Kouwenberg


Mr. W. Van Snick and Mrs. K. MacKay 


190 Willow Street 

Amherst, Nova Scotia B4H 3W5 

(902) 661-2540 

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Amherst Regional High School 

Times and Bell Schedule All Grades 9-12 

Period 1: 8:45 AM - 10:00 AM Break: 10:00 AM -10:10 AM Period 2: 10:10 AM -11:25 AM Lunch: 11:25 AM - 12:15 PM 


Period 3: 12:15 PM - 1:30 PM Break: 1:30 PM -1:40 PM Period 4: 1:40 PM - 2:55 PM End of Day: 2:55PM




Guidance Services 

The Guidance Offices are located near the Main Offices. Our counsellors are Mr. VanSnick and Mrs. MacKay. Ask in the Main Office if you have a question or wish to see a counsellor. The counsellor is sometimes available from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. and at noon. 

Guidance at ARHS is aimed at helping students to know themselves and to relate well to others. Students can get help in finding a peaceful solution when they have a conflict with another student. The school seeks to help students with educational, career and social decisions. Guidance is based on the belief that each person is a unique individual and is able to make a valuable contribution to society if helped to develop his/her own abilities.

All Nova Scotia schools follow the NS inclusion Policy. Within the policy, CCRCE schools focus on the MTSS (Multi Tiered System of Support. ARHS will continue to follow and build structures of support for students using this model. 

Teen Health Centre

The Teen Health Centre is located on the main floor adjacent to the side entrance of the school and is staffed by our coordinator Michelle Richard from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Teen Health Centre is not open on Wednesdays. The Teen Health Centre aims to help teens through the provision of health information, education, clinical services and counselling. The centre provides a safe, confidential environment where help and support are readily available. 

Although sexual health is our primary focus, teens may contact the centre for information on any health concern. Come by and meet Nurse Michelle! 


ANS (African Nova Scotia) Student Support Worker 

Our student support worker, F. Mayhew, provides service to students of Amherst Regional High School, E. B. Chandler Junior High, Spring Street Academy and River Hebert High and their families. The ANS Student Support Worker Program is designed to: 

Provide role models; 

Reduce the feeling of isolation and disconnectedness experienced by the African Nova Scotian learner, their parents and communities; 

Help schools increase retention of African Nova Scotian learners in the education system; Increase liaison between the African Nova Scotian Communities and schools. 

The support worker’s activities will be aimed at supporting all students who are marginalized as a result of their race, culture, language and/or ability. 

Student Council 

President: Rowan Blanch


Secretary: Miles Brown


Media Relations: Adelyne Fisher and Olivia Patriquin


Student Council Committees 2022-23 

Staff generously donate their time to act as advisors to the following committees: Athletic Committee, C.H.A.R., Entertainment Committee, Festivals, Prom Committee, Teen Health Awareness, Yearbook, Social Justice, Safe Graduation and Graduation.


The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has created a Provincial School Code of Conduct Policy. Please read it here: ct.pdf 

This will oversee all we do at ARHS. 

ARHS – A Restorative Approach School 

As a Restorative Approach School the aim of Amherst Regional High School is to strengthen relationships and manage conflict and tensions by repairing harm as a way of building community. ARHS also supports the need for culturally responsive pedagogy within the school staff, students and community. 

Restorative Approach is a way of thinking and being in our alternative school setting. It forms the basis for how we act toward each other. At ARHS we focus on building relationships as a way of developing community and enhancing student success. When something goes wrong, or we have issues to address, we focus on repairing harm as a way of restoring and strengthening relationships. Through strong relationships, and an atmosphere of respect and clear expectations about how we need to treat each other, staff and students working together create and maintain a safe and productive environment. 

Some Key Principles of Restorative Approach 

Fostering relationships in a school community 

Being responsible and accountable for one’s own actions and their impact on others Respecting other people, their views and feelings 

Empathizing with the feelings of others 

Being Fair/Being Committed to Equitable Process 

Everyone in the school being actively involved in decisions about their lives Seeing incidents of wrongdoing and conflict as an opportunity for learning Separating the “Doer” from the “Deed” 

Creating opportunities for reflective change in students and staff, both academically and behaviourally.



Standards of Dress 

School is a place of study, work, and business and it is expected that staff and students dress tastefully in a manner considered appropriate for a school setting. These guidelines should be considered in choosing clothing that is modest and does not carry offensive slogans or pictures. Students are expected to dress in a manner that contributes to the learning atmosphere of the class and the school. If a teacher’s professional judgement determines it necessary, students may be asked to change clothes or to remove accessory items and jewellery for health and safety concerns, such as in the gymnasium, industrial technology and family studies rooms, and science labs. These guidelines are expected to be followed at all school functions, including dances.    

Student Sound Systems 

Students may use personal sound systems with headphones when they are not in class or the library. Students are not permitted to use sound systems with external speakers on school property. 

Bicycles, Roller Blades, Skateboards, etc. 

For the safety of all students and staff, bicycles, roller blades, scooters, skateboards, etc., are not to be used on school property. 

Private Properties/Other Schools 

The traffic associated with ARHS., which is situated close to several private homes, sometimes causes difficulties for our neighbours. All members of our school community are asked to take care and try to avoid inconveniencing our neighbours. ARHS students are not to be on the school grounds of E.B. Chandler Junior High or the elementary schools. 

Policy on Smoking/Vaping 

The use of all tobacco products by any person is prohibited on Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education properties. At ARHS, students are required to go out to the sidewalk in front of the building, off school property before using any tobacco products. This includes electronic or vapour cigarettes. Smoking on school property will be dealt with by school administration. Consequences for smoking on school property can include in-school and out of school suspension for repeat offences. 


Staff, students, and visitors to the school are to park in the parking area next to the N.S. Geomatics Centre. Everyone is asked to drive in a cautious and courteous manner while entering and exiting this area. Students are reminded that any inappropriate use of vehicles may lead to having parking privileges revoked.

Plagiarism and Cheating 

Plagiarism is the act of taking and using the ideas or writings of another and passing them off as your own. You do not have to copy material word for word to be guilty of plagiarism. Any form of cheating on tests and assignments, or lying with the goal of receiving a mark you have not earned could result in losing all marks for that test or assignment and suspension from school. A student who loans his/her work to another and knows or should have known that it would be passed off as someone else’s work, is also cheating. Plagiarism will be dealt with using the CCRCE Assessment Policy with students given a chance to rewrite the document with an assigned due date. If this is not completed, it will result in a failing grade. 

Internet/Network Use 

The Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education and Amherst Regional High School policy provides strict guidelines for the appropriate use of Internet resources. By signing into the CCRCE network, students are expected to follow the guidelines. These can be reviewed on the CCRCE website. 

Cameras, Cellular Telephones, Electronic Devices 

Privacy must be respected at all times. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not to be used in any instructional area during instructional time unless directed or instructed by a teacher. While students are scheduled to be in class their cell phones and electronic devices are to be out of sight

Parents and family members are asked to contact the main office if they need to get in touch with a student during instructional time. 

If the student refuses to follow the teachers instructions in regards to phone usage, students will be asked to either leave the classroom and report to the main office or an administrator will be called to the classroom. 

Cell phone or electronic device policy violations are dealt with by administration in the following manner: 

Administration Possible Actions:

If a student refuses to follow the classroom expectation, the cell phone or electronic device is taken by administration. The student may retrieve it from the office at the end of the school day after administration has spoken to the student or parent about next steps. 

Repeated offences could result in a parent or guardian coming to the school to retrieve the device.

If the student continues to refuse to follow the electronic device process or becomes a continued issue of defiance, the student may receive an in-school or out of school suspension. 


The school year is divided into two semesters, September to January and February to June. There is a new Nova Scotia Assessment Policy for 2022-23 for all students in CCRCE. Students and parents can find the information for assessment in subject/course Communication plans. 


Homework is a vital part of study at Amherst Regional High School. Successful completion of homework is assisted by: Establishing a schedule for study; Ensuring that school work takes priority over other work or leisure activities, e.g., part-time job, etc. 

Late Assignments 

In order for our teachers to provide meaningful feedback on student achievement, assignments must be handed in on time. It is the responsibility of teachers to set reasonable deadlines and to clearly communicate these deadlines to students. 

If a student is not able to complete an assignment before the assigned due date, it is the student’s responsibility to see the teacher in advance and ask for an extension and plan. 

Students will need to check their subject/course Communication plans for exact late assignment processes under the new NS DOEECD Assessment Policy. 

Please note, as part of our continuous school improvement, we are continuing to work on supporting high student achievement and will continue to help students manage their workloads and get their assignments in on time. 


In-School Suspension Support 

An in-school suspension is a disciplinary alternative whereby a student is assigned to a suspension class in the school, but excluded from regularly scheduled classroom attendance, peer interaction, and the privileges and activities of the school for a designated period of time. 

In the long run, the purpose of in-school suspension is to improve student behaviour. The program is a structured and supervised class that closely connects with other support services. Tutoring support is provided, and academic and behavioural counselling is a priority.

In-school suspension is an important intermediate step, often preventing a student from being suspended out-of-school BUT does not replace out-of-school suspension for certain circumstances. 

Free Periods 

Students are not permitted to be in academic areas while they are on free periods. If students choose to remain in the building when they do not have a class they are to be in the cafeteria or library. 

Course Changes 

Course changes can be a disruptive influence on student learning. Students will not be permitted to change courses except in special circumstances. Time and effort were spent helping you make your choices in the Spring. Please read the Course Change Policy published in the school’s 2022-23. Please check in withARHS Guidance Department for course change and access to the ARHS COurse change form. 



Our cafeteria will be open from 8:300 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Do not forget to clear your tables and return your trays. You are expected to take direction from the cafeteria staff as you would from any member of the school’s staff. 


Lockers are available for students to rent when they purchase from the main office or ARHS PayOnline. It is not recommended that you share a locker or give your locker combination to others with the exception of a sibling. A locker provides a convenient place to store gym T-shirts, shorts, books, paper and pens rather than carrying them back and forth from home every day. Please note: The school will not be responsible for property lost or stolen from a student’s locker. Do not leave items in your locker that are valuable or irreplaceable. 

If A Student Does Not Feel Well At School 

Students who become sick during the day or students who feel ill are to report to the office. If it seems appropriate for the student to go home, all reasonable effort will be made by telephone to ensure that someone is at home to receive the student. 


Part-Time Students 

A few students, under certain circumstances, (e.g. health, maturity, financial situation) may be permitted part-time status. A student looking to be part-time must meet with administration Part-time students are ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities. Part-time students are required to leave the school property when they are not in class.


Attendance in each course is expected at Amherst Regional High School and is necessary to achieve academic success. There is no substitute for the full educational benefits of being in class. Students attending ARHS must assume personal responsibility for attendance in all courses in which they are registered. 

Because attendance appears in real time on PowerSchool, you are strongly encouraged to check PowerSchool to monitor your child’s attendance. Please contact the school if you don’t have your login. 

Students must also follow the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development attendance policy which is available online or at the school site. 

Automatic Notification of Absences 

One of the difficulties for some parents is in knowing whether or not your child is in class. Parents/Guardians will be notified by telephone of any unexcused classes missed by your children each day. This is a computerized message system that will call your home each evening. With better communication and your support, we can make a difference in our students’ attendance. 

PowerSchool Parent Portal 

With the school’s current Student Information System, parents are able to contact the school to request a username and password to gain access to their child’s daily attendance, grades and to read announcements. You can access the Parent Portal at the school board website: or at the ARHS website:


Teachers and other volunteers have offered to give their time to act as coaches in our 2022-23 athletic program. 

Athletic Director …………………………………………..Mrs. M. Stubbert 

Golf (Boys and Girls) ………………………………………Mr. W. Murphy 

Cross Country……………………………………………….Mr. S. McManaman

Soccer (Sr. Boys).................................................................... Mr. W. Murphy 

Soccer (Sr. Girls) ……………………………………………Mrs. M. Stubbert

Baseball (Boys)....................................................................... Mr. D. Collins 

Badminton……………………………………………………Mr. R. Binnick

Curling……………………………………………………….Mrs. Gilbert 

Basketball (Sr. Boys).............................................................. Mr. R. Minocha-McKenney 

Basketball (Sr. Girls).............................................................. Mr. C. Patriquin 

Basketball (JV Boys)...............................................................Mr. M. Carter

Basketball (JV Girls)...............................................................Ms. Sherstobetoft

Table Tennis………………………………………………… Mr. S. McManaman 

Track and Field ……………………………………….Mrs. M. Stubbert, Mr. D. Bushell, Mr. T. Skabar, Mr. J. Burbine, Ms. N. Sperry 

Slo Pitch (Girls)..................................................................... Mrs.Culihall

Slo Pitch (Boys).....................................................................Mr. D. Collins & Mr. L Taggart

Athletic & Extra-curricular Policy 2023-24 Eligibility Policy for Athletics at ARHS 

Participation in extra-curricular activities at ARHS is a privilege rather than a right. Such activities are intended to provide opportunities for students to broaden their experience through healthy competitions and social interactions with other students. However, such activities are based on the assumption that participating students are devoting themselves to their academic responsibilities to the best of their abilities and not sacrificing academic performance by over-involvement in extracurricular activities. (SSNS). 

Student Eligibility Requirements and Expectations: 

A valid Student card I.D. for 2023-24 

Full time student 

All required fees must be paid before the athlete’s first game of making the team. Failure to do so will result in a suspension from the team until payment(s) or payment arrangements are made with Administration. 

If a financial plan is needed, it must be a conversation with the Principal. All athletes are required to sign this agreement to be in good academic/behavioural standing while participating on a school sponsored team. 

Exhibit behaviour that will reflect positively on the team, school, and community at all times. Dress appropriately and respectfully when representing ARHS at home or away. Responsible for all equipment and uniforms issued. 

Athletes are expected to refrain from the use of all tobacco products, drugs, and alcohol, both on school property, on away trips and during school sponsored events. 

To be eligible to participate in activities commencing prior to the mid-semester report in November, returning students must meet the academic requirements in June of the previous year. (Grade 9’s are awarded a grace period). 

Students will:

1. Be permitted to attend tryouts. Coaches will be made aware of circumstances. 2. After tryouts, athletes will AUTOMATICALLY be suspended from any practice or game. Length of time to be reviewed by Administration. 

In regards to attendance, all athletes will not be permitted to miss any (unexcused) class time on the day of competition. Failure to comply will result in suspension from games/practices that day (including travel). 

Inform teachers of upcoming absences to secure assignments etc… for any classes missed due to said sport/activity. 

If an athlete receives a discipline consequence due to an office referral during the school day, the athlete will not be able to participate in any school sponsored sporting event, including practices or games the day(s) of the received consequence(s). 

Any conflicts with a coach(s)’s decisions should be dealt with between the athlete and the coach(s) first in an orderly, respectful manner. 

Respect the decisions of officials at all times.

Personal Web Pages and Blogs 

Personal web pages and blogs are considered an extension of how you represent yourself. Pictures and/or information included on such sites will be addressed. Any student or parent who has this information or acts/speaks in a derogatory way on personal web pages or blogs will be held to the same standards as if acting in person. Failure to comply will result in possible suspension of the athlete and/or parent from school sponsored events. 



Hazing is prohibited at all times. Hazing involves any act that subjects teammates to mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. In some instances hazing constitutes a criminal act. Hazing may lead to immediate dismissal from a team. 

Role of Parents/Guardians 

Please remember: These are kids. This is a school game/activity. The coaches are volunteers. The referees are human. 

Parents should not attempt to address coaches immediately after games and practices. Coaches have many post-game/practice responsibilities, including supervision of players. Also, the post-game/practice period is often emotionally charged, and not conducive to productive discussion. If a parent feels a need to communicate a concern, the parent should contact the coach(s) and/or athletic director to arrange a later meeting (min. 24 hr.). 

Parents are expected to encourage their son/daughter to discuss any matters with the coach(s) first. 


Any student part of an athletic team or school sponsored activity found to have participated in the following offences will be disciplined in the following manner: 

1. Bringing alcohol/drugs onto campus or consuming (during or before) drugs/alcohol while on campus or at any school sponsored events (including events sponsored by other schools). 

2. Fighting on campus or at any school sponsored events (including events sponsored by other schools) 

3. Bringing any form of weapon on campus or at any school sponsored events (including events sponsored by other schools) 

Resulting consequences

1. DEECD Code of Conduct: results in a possible 5-10 day Out-of-School suspension 2. First offence: a suspension from any school sponsored events (including sport or clubs/committees), meeting with parents/guardians and a signed agreement to finalize consequences of a future violation. For athletics, students will serve the school suspension and will meet with the Athletic Director and Administration to determine your athletic status. 

3. Second offence: A six month suspension or remainder of the school year from all school sponsored events (including other sports, committees, clubs, dances etc…) NOTE: School Administration reserves the right to proceed to permanent removal from sport teams/committees/clubs due to the nature of the offence. Refunds will NOT be given.

Academic/Attendance Probation 

All athletes will be monitored throughout the semester to ensure their academics and attendance are meeting requirements. If the athlete is not meeting his/her requirements (failing grade, failure to hand in assignments, unexcused absences etc…) they will be placed on probation. 

Athletes on probation will be unable to participate in all practices, games and functions until academic requirements are met. Consultation with Teacher(s), Athletic Director and Administration will determine when and if the athlete is reinstated. 

In the event a student is on an adapted program and in conference with school administration, the school administration will determine the student’s eligibility to participate. 

Failure to continuously not meet academic/athletic/behaviour requirements will result in a meeting with Administration and parent/guardian to discuss possible dismissal from the team/club. 

If a student competes or participates in a school sponsored team/committee/club that stretches throughout the entire school year and receives 3 or more suspensions in total for that semester, athletes can expect possible removal for that semester from sport/activity. 

Above all, athletes are expected to exemplify the spirit, good sportsmanship and positive behaviour that would be acceptable with the School Code of Conduct. Those athletes found to be in breach of the school rules and expectations or not deemed to be positive representatives of ARHS, will be requested at a hearing represented by a teacher, ARHS Athletic Director and School Administration to determine the future representation of this student at ARHS. 

Name of Student (please print)________________________________ Sport_____________________________________ 

Year ______________________ 

I agree and will follow the above rules, regulations and expectations as a representative of ARHS Athletics and ExtraCurricular Activities. 

Student Signature ________________________________________________ Parent Signature _________________________________________________ Date __________________________________________________ 


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