Electronic devices and Exam Procedures

Personal Electronic updates for exams: The following are exam room expectations relating to personal electronic devices for students. During exams students are directed to place their cell phones, smart watches (Apple Watch, Fitbit etc), and earbuds either in their book bags at the front of the gym or somewhere other than the exam room. This is a change from previous exam periods, as students had been permitted to keep phones in their pocket or place them face down on the floor beside their desk. We are now requiring that these devices are now put away during the exam period. If a student is found with a cell phone or smart watch, the student will be escorted out of the exam room.

If a student gets into the exam room and "forgot" about the policy change, devices will be placed in a labelled baggie and brought to the main office for safe keeping.

Students will then pick up their devices in the main office after the exam is over. This process will help support the authenticity of the exam process. Good luck to all students.

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