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Amherst Regional High School

Principal: Aaron Stubbert

Vice-Principal:  Patricia Dewar

Vice-Principal: Chris King-Tower



190 Willow Street

Amherst NS

B4H 3W5

Phone: (902) 661-2540

Fax: (902) 661-2535





Cumberland Supports during COVID-19 Pandemic

Please see the attchaed document for local Cumberland Supports during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Electronic devices and Exam Procedures

Personal Electronic updates for exams: The following are exam room expectations relating to personal electronic devices for students. During exams students are directed to place their cell phones, smart watches (Apple Watch, Fitbit etc), and earbuds either in their book bags at the front of the gym or somewhere other than the exam room.

Exams January 2020

Please see attached information and exam schedule.

Exam Exemption Update


Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Over the fall months of 2019, Principals throughout our region guided their School Advisory Councils through discussion to carefully examine CCRCE’s current Examination Exemption Protocol in high school courses. The review of the Protocol began because many schools felt that exemptions were no longer serving their original purpose, which was to motivate regular student attendance.


ARHS Announcement updates

ARHS has been placing annoucements on their ARHS Facebook Page. Please see link:




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