ARHS Electronic Device Policy

In an effort to protect the rights and privacy of individuals, as well as the integrity of the learning environment, the Board has issued guidelines regarding the use of cell phones, digital cameras, digital recording devices, etcetera, in schools. We have used their guidelines to help direct us in creating the following ARHS Personal Electronic Devices Policy:

  • In all learning environments (classrooms, homerooms, the library, the Main Office, the Guidance Office, Theatre, computer labs, gymnasium and the Learning Centre), all personal audio/video and communication devices, such as cell phones, MP3 players, iPods, etcetera, are to be turned off and out of sight at all times. Devices are not permitted in these spaces, even during lunch, recess, before and after school.
    • Exceptions: There is a student adaptation or under/at the direction of the teacher allowing a particular student/s access for academic reasons.
  • Devices capable of taking or transmitting images or sounds are not permitted in washrooms, change rooms, locker rooms, learning environments or any space or circumstance where students or others expect a greater degree of privacy than in public spaces within schools.
  • No cameras (video or digital) may be used in the building without teacher permission.
  • Electronic devices are not to be used as clocks in the classrooms.

Note: Parents are asked to refrain from initiating contact with their child/children during class time. If you require immediate contact with your child, please contact the office @ 661-2540, extension "0". In cases of emergency, parents please contact the office so that we can arrange a support team that can best address your child's needs.


  1. Staff members will ask students to turn off and put devices away. Second offense will be for the teacher to ask for the device. If student continues defiance, administration will keep cell phone in the office and a call home will be made.
  2. If the student surrenders the cell phone, it will be at the teacher's discretion on the time frame of its return, i.e. the end of the class or end of day.
  3. Defiance-could lead to ISS or OSS.

ARHS Goals: To enable/promote student focus and engagement in classroom learning. To promote respect of individual rights of privacy and respect.

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